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Hi, I'm Lina 👋

I'm a design leader with extensive experience in managing design teams and building products at scale. As a seasoned design manager with 8 years of proven success in leading and guiding diverse design teams, I also possess over a decade of comprehensive design expertise. I’m passionate about driving design excellence, team growth, promoting culture of collaboration and proactiveness while turning complex business challenges into simple and engaging solutions.

I led successful mobile redesign in DeviantArt, resulting in +120% engagement volume and +75% daily active users. Following this success, I've transitioned to become Head of Mobile to lead an entire mobile R&D in DeviantArt. In Wix, I’ve built and managed a team of 15+ product designers in Wix UX Guild, doubling its size while establishing high design standards. Previously managed design teams working on large-scale systems in enterprise and financial domains for companies like DHL, Deutsche Bank, and Ford.


Design Management  ·  Design Strategy  ·  Team Leadership  ·  Data-Driven Decision Making  ·  Strategic thinking ·  Proactive Leadership  ·  User-Centred Design  ·  Product Vision  ·  Project Management  ·  Product Management  ·  Team Development  ·  Product Design  ·  User Research  ·  Informational architecture  ·  Strategic negotiations  ·  Design Operations  ·  Public Speaking

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